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2016 The logistics industry will usher in a great change is directly related to the vital interests of the logistics people. Crowdsourcing mode, express cabinet, rookie post .. these familiar terms of logistics, but also warns us of logistics, now the logistics industry is undergoing a major change. Times are changing, changing the way, is going it alone or hold together for warmth? It is to try to give it a try or leveraging the power? Logistics people should know it.
State five standards implementation, production will be fined hundreds of millions ChaoBiaoChe
For logistics, especially truck drivers, the greatest impact of the implementation of the country than the five criteria.
What is the "national five"? State fingers is the "national phase fifth vehicle emission standards" for short, car emissions are discharged from the exhaust gas CO (carbon monoxide), (hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides), PM (particulate, soot) and other harmful gases. From country to country Ⅰ mention Ⅳ, each increase of one standard, cycling pollution by 30-50%. Depending on the policy, since April 1, 2016 in 11 provinces throughout the eastern region of the country to supply all the five cars with gasoline and diesel, originally scheduled for the end of 2017. Phase V vehicle supply the country with gasoline and diesel also dates advance to January 1, 2017.
After the node regions and time specified, all five countries do not meet the new car can not sell, you can not buy, but not on the cards. From the specific impact, first of all is the rising cost of car (need to buy more oil), gasoline quality upgrade over the vehicle to the Phase IV increase 290 yuan (about 0.21 yuan per liter) per ton, after the end of 2017 to upgrade The fifth stage increase 170 yuan per ton. Second, it is the cost of buying a new car will increase (country five models than country, four more models cost about 8,000 yuan).

In the capital, Beijing, for example, from January 1, 2016, Beijing has already established a new Beijing V emission standard. The new standard mainly for heavy-duty diesel vehicles, requiring Beijing new heavy-duty diesel vehicles need to install DPF (wall-flow particulate trap) to ensure particle number (PN) is not greater than 6 × 1012 / kWh. 2016 Beijing will continue to increase the scope of checks through the night search mastered emissions of heavy vehicles. If it is found in Beijing, with the presence of pollution by heavy vehicles, be punished according to the latest 1-3 times atmospheric Prevention Act, environmental protection departments will implement the value of the car company, if it is generally a big truck, estimated at 300,000 to fines 100 range, if we find the entire batch of heavy vehicle emissions of non-compliance at the time of sampling a new car, and that companies may face heavy fines on billion.
Improve the emission standards of cars is a global trend, with the growth of car ownership in China, to protect the environment, the implementation of five national standards is imperative.
Wisdom logistics into an inevitable trend
By 2015, many people feel most of the logistics, that is closely integrated "Internet + logistics" mode, the major logistics companies have set foot in the Internet, related logistics services APP spurt occurs. Wherein rookie logistics network, transport full, Logitech freight logistics more in line with people's needs. New Year with a popular phrase says that "wisdom logistics" explosion of red.
According to industry experts predict that the future of Chinese logistics technology and equipment industry continue to maintain the pace of development in the world, China's logistics equipment market has gradually become the world's largest market, the industry's development of strategic opportunities as well as 8 to 10 years, while domestic wisdom logistics also progress "wind and water."
For example, Amazon wisdom in the global distribution logistics center, to develop unmanned aerial vehicles, only watches and other smart devices. Jingdong delivery focus to build drones and automated logistics center ..
"Internet + logistics" mode, rookie logistics network phone app, set trucks, cargo, warehousing, logistics in one, to solve the user to find the car hard, hard to find goods, logistics is difficult to find, difficult to find storage and other issues, as well as lifelong 97 compromise PetroChina, Sinopec fuel card recharge handle. Logistics real people to build a high-speed wisdom.
Wisdom tide logistics industry has become an irreversible trend, the process of transformation is difficult, businesses and individuals can only continue to enhance internal strength, strengthen the Internet thinking, in order to provide users with more comprehensive services, invincible in the transition process ground.
Will raise the consumption tax or
Oil prices have been a stream of people, especially one of the issues most concerned about truckers. New Year, although the domestic oil prices continued to drift lower, but according to informed sources, the domestic refined oil consumption tax will be raised in the near future. If the short-term increase in the national re-refined oil consumption tax rate, the refined oil tax burden is likely to exceed 50%. This means that the domestic oil market will usher in "a liter of oil, half tax" era.

Chinese refined oil retail price of tax subjects include consumption tax, value added tax and a variety of additional taxes and fees of three parts. As the price of the tax consumption tax, with oil prices constitute estimated base price of other taxes together. VAT is a refined oil from upstream production to downstream spending is paid, its base price is the "oil price + consumption tax", the collection rate is 17%.
Transportation vehicles will become the focus of standardization
Current models of freight is too complex, too low degree of standardization of models, has become an important factor affecting the transformation and upgrading of traditional freight. For example, American and European countries only 30 kinds of freight cars, and our freight cars up to more than 20,000 kinds of, standardization of models less than 50%. Transport vehicles standardization is a long way indeed.
May 8, 2015, the Ministry of Transport Transportation Services Division, which jointly held a forum in Beijing, dedicated to discussion on the standardization of vehicle. After discussion research, basically reached a consensus on two points, one government department should unified standards and regulations as soon as possible, uniform enforcement, create a fair competitive environment; the second is to revise the standard models in safety, energy conservation, environmental protection, road carrying capacity and efficiency seek the best balance between transport. The vehicle load and other aspects of the approved new regulations will be introduced. Although specific transport vehicle standardization policy has not been introduced, but obviously this will be the focus of the work of the transport sector in the new year, transport models Guarantee management is sooner or later thing.



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